General Audiences

Possessor of Passion
Igniter of Inspiration
Maven of Motivation
Dr. Lynette Charity is an award-winning speaker who educates and inspires audiences… all while making them laugh. Her universal message is be true to yourself and follow your dreams.

The titles below represent a small selection of some of Dr. Charity’s most popular titles. However, she offers much more than just canned speeches for events and meetings. Each of Dr. Charity’s presentations are tailored to your specific audience and event goals. She is available for:

Master of Ceremonies Events and Meetings; Clinical and non-clinical audiences Keynote presentations; Break-out sessions and workshops; and Continuing Medical Education (CME) presentations.


Dynamic Programs for Any Audience - Short or Long in Length

Avoid those people who want to “Squish! Squash! Stomp!” on your dreams and build your own team of “DreamKeepers.”

Laugh along with Dr. Charity as she shares her “worst nightmare” and how she used humor to regain her passion for her profession.

Dr. Charity understands the special challenges of Medical school. Hear her prescription for success

A straightforward presentation on the effects of Anesthesia on elderly patients geared towards elderly audiences.