Clinical Audiences

The field of medicine was her calling and during her 40-year career, Dr. Charity has experienced it all. Racism, Discrimination, Sexism, Depression, Burnout, and even Suicidal ideations, yet she persevered through emotional resiliency and support from peers, family and friends. In 2012, at age 60, she decided to pursue a second career. Maintaining a part-time solo practice, she began developing skills in public speaking and stand-up comedy, trading night and weekend call for long-distance travel to speaking engagements and late nights at open mics. Through her comedy experience, she learned how to deal with disgruntled patients, colleagues and administrators whom she just calls “hecklers.” Through her professional speaking experience, her message of resilience and growth through adversity is shared with others who need to know that they are not alone in their struggles. Medical conferences are a good source of didactic information; the nuts and bolts. In addition, allow Dr. Charity to show your audience how to “find their funny” mindset. She’s says, “After all, ‘Laughter IS the Best Medicine’ for what ails you.” To download her clinical bio or curriculum vitae click here.


Dynamic Programs for Any Audience - Short or Long in Length

You will Reconnect, Revitalize and Re-commit to YOU for a better, more blissful career.

Attendees will learn the critical steps to enduring the process and coping with the aftermath of being sued for medical malpractice.

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